A criminal investigation is an undertaking that seeks, collects, and gathers evidence for a case or specific purpose. At Jack Able & Associates, our Criminal Investigators look for Clues, review Discovery, and seek out additional Evidence, to determine whether a crime has or has not taken place. If a crime has been committed, Criminal Investigators may look into the background of the accused and may try to uncover who committed the crime and why. It is often found that the accused played a different role or had nothing to do with an alleged crime at all.  Criminal Investigators undertake several investigation techniques in order to find the necessary evidence for a case. Police agencies and law enforcement are committed to criminal investigations of every kind, but a growing number of individuals are choosing to launch their own criminal investigations with the help of professional Investigators.  Jack Able & Associates uses the latest investigative techniques and equipment to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.

Our Investigators are retired Sheriffs, Police Officers, District Attorney Investigators, and Detectives.  With over 80 years of accumulated law enforcement experience, we have the ability to provide you with an investigation that will meet what ever needs you have.  We work closely with your attorney and provide them with all evidence collected on your behalf. Our Criminal Investigators operate within the law to find evidence on your behalf.  Our Investigators  can gather information and evidence on wrongful convictions and accusations.  At Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations, we are persistent and exclusive to your case. This dedication can often bring forth better results.  Our Investigators are not limited to jurisdictional issues that much of law enforcement has.  

Types of Criminal Investigation

  • Fraud
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Theft
  • Kidnapping
  • Assault/Battery
  • Homicide
  • Narcotics
  • DUI
  • Weapons
  • Robbery
  • Manslaughter
  • Gang Violence
  • I.D. Theft 

At Jack Able & Associates, our Criminal Investigators are highly trained and have the resources to a wide variety of tools that might not otherwise be available. These tools can include networks of investigators, surveillance, records checks, and other sources that can help them solve crimes.  Our Criminal Investigators also adhere to laws and regulations surrounding investigations to ensure that your information is obtained in a legal manner. Our Investigators can find useful evidence that others might overlook. Criminal investigators also keep evidence preserved so that it is admissible in court. Since investigators take cues from you, they will generally continue to investigate until you are satisfied.